Party at Pancho’s

people in mardi gras costume posed in sand

…down the rabbit hole indeed. I did some hitch hiking on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and next thing I knew I was camping the SUPER coveted Pancho’s Kitchen shore and partying with these cool cats. Little did I know that Wednesday was Mardi Gras and that I’d be playing such hard core drinking games as “Hee Haw” and “Stuntman*,” staying up well past hiker midnight and getting pink wig hair and sequins everywhere**. This crew fed me pork chops and scalloped potatoes for dinner and French toast and bacon for breakfast. I had a propane-fueled hot shower with soap (!) right in the Colorado River! Now this was all very foreign to me and overwhelming after two months hikin’ alone, but their friendliness and generosity was not lost on me. I fell in love with this crew of gorgeous, semi-clothed, highly educated professionals who know how to let loose from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

Really the most magical part of the evening – John and Arnie (front and center balls out) got engaged. ❤️ Congrats John and Arnie!

*Arnie taught us Stuntman and it is this: snort a line of salt, squeeze a lime in your eye, drink a shot of tequila. For the professional version, get slapped hard after slamming the shot. There were lots of folks with red eyes and cheeks… I did not do this. I went for something much more hard core…

**Don’t worry, park regulations were followed and we picked up all the sequins and fake hair the next morning.