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Ultra runner on the Zion Rim trail: “You thru-hiking?”


UR: “Where you headed to tonight?”

“I’ll probably finish.” (A lie. I have learned to not tell people where I’m going to sleep.)

UR: “Oh well, that’s a ways… But you might be able to do it if you skip Kolob Arch, that’s half a mile each way and pretty technical hiking. Maybe you could do it, yeah, there might be time.”

“I think I’ll be fine. I hiked 800 miles to get here.”

UR: “Oh, from where?”


UR: “I hiked the Appalachian trail, finished the last 200 miles last year. And last weekend I did the rim to rim in Grand Canyon, that was something else…”

“Cool, well I better go.”

It’s already like my hike didn’t happen.

Kolob Arch (pictured) is the world’s SECOND largest arch (I think) and perhaps the least appreciated. It’s hard to get to and it’s hard to see once you’re there.