Two months ago I drove from Las Vegas to Moab, placing four food/water caches strategically spaced along my hiking route. That allowed me to hike continuously without going into a town for the first 19 days*.

I placed one of my caches here in a wash near Hanksville UT, with a view of Mt. Ellen, covered in fresh snow from the big late March storms. This view was daunting. How the heck was I going to walk all this wild and prickly territory!? How was I going to get over that mountain? I didn’t know. I planned/sketched it out it roughly, kept walking West, and the rest is ADVENTURE. Because as I like to say, if you planned it then it’s not adventure.

What I didn’t plan was what an animal this solo hike would turn me into. Whoops. This mental stuff is a new adventure in itself. It’s having a new, foreign outlook on almost everything, including myself. Where’s the map?!?

*The rest of my hike was resupplied using markets and USPS.