Yellow Mountain

Currently on top of Yellow Mountain near the bottom of Hackberry Canyon, some 5500 feet tall, and a mile and 800ft up off my route, just to watch the sun set and sleep out under the full moon. The surface looks like giant SKIN, it’s breezy, and there is nowhere to take cover. It looks like the moon using Google Earth. Fantastich advice from my imaginary trail boyfriend, who is real (if that makes sense) but not my boyfriend at all (more of a stalker), and Flemish, and hiking a couple days ahead of me and probably also having the same going-out-of-his-mind-hiking-solo-imagination-stuff going on. Also thank you to Will, who I found today sitting at a spring with his beagle, for letting me see your amazing handmade, holy grail maps for a second so I could figure out how to get here. Probably one of the best panoramic views I’ve ever had, Sierra 14er summits included.

If you ask real nice maybe I’ll share a photo or two ?