Thanks mom and little sister for getting me these shoes for Christmas – they’re taking me such cool places!! And if you’re wondering wtf is going on with my gaiters, here’s your answer: I was post holing up to my HIPS.

Funny story about that. So I’m postholing, and sometimes trying my luck at crawling over the snow without sinking, so obviously there’s some grunting and deep breathing going on. It’s hard work. I’m going along like this then suddenly, somehow, I hear the voice of my mother, calling my name.

“Caroline? Caroline, are you OKAY?”

What? How? Apparently I had pocked-dialed my mother while postholing in the woods in the Henry Mountains. So I picked up the phone and told her I was doing just fine.

You can’t see it well in this pic, but my shins and knees are bleeding from falling through snow crusts. But I was just fine. Happy to have made it over the mountain; as far as I’m aware, only two of us Haydukers made it over the top this season.

A hard-earned summit of Mt. Ellen!