Escalante Admirer

woman walking on red rock wall

Had I known I was being watched from above, this moment’s tension would have shattered. I was leaving my nice eagle’s nest view/rest spot below Stevens Arch because I’d realized I had dropped my phone somewhere along my walk down the Escalante River. I had bolstered all my courage to wade the thigh-deep waters, and now I was bolstering more to head back and do it twice more. First I had to walk straight down off the wall. (But that doesn’t scare me – fast-moving water scares me.) My “secret admirer” captured my descent.

I found my phone in the bushes at left. Then I’m sure I did a little dance and wept a little. And I was being watched. It’s weird to think about.

I found the photographer in Coyote Gulch 90 minutes later, waiting for me. By that time I was walking the walls barefoot, and had lost a little of my composure and had traveled places within. That wouldn’t have happened if I had known I were being watched. So I’m glad I didn’t know. Taken ~10:50am ?: Joery Truyen