SHR Talus Report

I wouldn’t say I had too many surprises this summer on the Sierra High Route (SHR). I was fairly lucky with weather, I had warm gear, almost enough food, and navigation worked out well. I only had two death-defying falls. One thing stands out about this hike and that thing is exceptional amounts of talus. Now that I think about it, talus caused both of my falls (1, 2).

Talus, Talus, Talus

So much talus. Talus fields. More talus than you can shake a stick at. Talus coming out your ears. Talus rainbows. Talus, talus, talus.

What is talus?

ta·lus: a sloping mass of rock fragments at the foot of a cliff.

Pics of SHR talus will give you the idea:

Feather Peak panorama with seas of talusFeather Peak panorama with seas of talus