HMG backpack

*** UPDATE – I DON’T LIKE THIS PACK AFTERALL. It gave me a rash and was too delicate. BACK TO ULA!! ***

I feel like a total traitor to ULA but this is my new pack. It’s so sexy I couldn’t resist. In fact, I once dated a guy pretty much because he owned this pack. (And went after another super hot HMG owner this summer 💋💋💋) As you can see I’ve already added some custom mods at the sewing machine. Stoked for big 2016 hikes and other stuff!

Interesting footnote is this pack ended up doing the route I picked it for: Hayduke, but on someone else’s back: Dan’s. Funny thing is, I have never met Dan, neither when I sold him the pack (online), nor when we hiked the same trail a week apart.