We first learned of Abram while atop Telescope Peak. He had signed in the log book, “Highest to Lowest to Highest (H2L2H – Mt. Whitney to Badwater to Mt. Whitney), abramwashere.com.” We joked that when we met Abram we would have to kill him as such a crazy hiking accomplishment made our hike look paltry. Later that night, in the dark, the wonderful and unassuming Abram caught up to us. As I’ve said I don’t usually hike with strangers but after thinking on it and listening to him a while, I realized I enjoyed our team expanding to three. Abram might look like a bum standing on the road to some, but he’s a stellar human and I’m glad I gave him a chance. And he’s glad we didn’t kill him.

Ever heard of the H2L2H?

We hadn’t either.