post specific comments widget

Lightweight Wordpress Testimonials

Testimonial plugins and theme functions are generally really over-thought and over-wrought, in my opinion. On this website, where I’ve run a cycling cap business since 2005, I’ve collected customer testimonials as comments and displayed them in a simple manner.

  • I created a page called “Feedback
  • I solicited customers to write a comment on the Feedback page
  • Customers wrote in at leisure
  • I had the option of curating their comments (though I never had to – my customers are NICE people!)

This was a near-effortless way of getting my customers’ words onto my website. No emails, no consents, just instant Wordpress content.

To show a timeline of my recent testimonials, I coded a widget plugin built on the Recent Comments widget, but with a twist.

My plugin, called “Post Specific Comments Widget,” only shows recent comments from a specific page or post. So, I use this widget by entering the post ID of my “Feedback” page, and again sitting back to let the magic happen on its own. I haven’t been selling very many custom caps lately (because I’m not producing them), so customer testimonials have died down, but you can see this widget in action on my homepage and peppered throughout my site.

Download the Post Specific Comments Widget from Wordpress here.