Heart-shaped Hole

Sierra mountains

During this descent [along Mill Creek down the Second Recess] the hiker can enjoy an unusual Sierra sight. Across the Second Recess and about one mile distant is a gigantic, heart-shaped hole in a steep cliff. So incongruous is this feature that the mind struggles to explain it. Perhaps it is a gouge left after a massive rockfall–no, it is too deep. Perhaps it is a cave–but, no, caves don’t occur in granite. All one can say is that it is a mysterious feature. ~ Steve Roper, THE SIERRA HIGH ROUTE: Traversing Timberline Country


After staring at this ridge for a little while, I found the heart-shaped hole (center). It is definitely heart-shaped and it is definitely huge. Wish I had a telephoto lens to better share it.

What is it? Does anyone know?