Destination: Tehachapi Airport

Safe and sound with my people in Tehachapi at the airport (where the staff have set up and AMAZING place for hikers to hole up)!

I just had the wildest hitch out of the woods near Hesperia. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be attacked or what, but I did the dance and rolled with the punches (including a stop for gas where we played baseball catch, complete with gloves) and got a ride and McDonalds and GORP and a Snickers Bar and Gatorade out of the deal so can I complain?

Yeah, I can. (He asked several times to see my breasts, wondering how big my areolas are because he likes them a certain size, and complained about his erection – that was “my fault” – for crying out loud!) Last night a drunk kid rubbed his penis on me in a hot spring and another naked guy rubbed his body against me in the pool with the pretense of giving me a (lame) foot rub. I’m tired of this shit. I’m not yours. I don’t exist for your amusement. I’m tired of being called a tease. I’m not. I’m just cool and laugh and go with the flow, but sometimes I’m secretly hating the fucking flow and am too scared to say so. Sometimes it’s fucking terrifying just being a woman.

These guys were pretty cool, but I was over guys so I stepped outside the airport lounge, only to have a guy sit right next to me and do his best to impress me. I told him to fuck off after a few minutes. He was annoying and unhelpful in that moment, braggadocious and gross.