Hiker Benjamin “The Sheik” leads an a cappella Beach Boys bear vault and stick percussive jam while attempting to light a cigarette with a burning pine cone.

Happy Little Trees whittles a stick in the foreground left. The guy hom-hom-ing – Bradley – is hiking barefoot, and the man to his left – Nude Dude – is often found naked and does a brilliant but unsettling free flow jam himself. I found this lot to be particularly weird, and that’s saying a lot on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Today was the busiest day with hikers at mile 42 yet for the 2015 season.

(Postscript: Someone wrote another book about the PCT and included this scene, and me, in it. I found it fascinating how what I said to them fliply about how well they’d already congealed after only 42 miles hiking together, was turned into something so much more profound. Really, I was just trying to seem less awkward about standing around trying to figure out if any of them wanted to buy pot, so I said something nice, but not necessarily unique. Folks just tend to congeal on the trail.)