star wars cycling cap bills

Handmade Bike Caps!

Mr. Joe brought it to my attention via Instagram that he has been busy making cycling caps from the sewing pattern I offer. He has added in a few touches that I thought were super worthy of sharing.

star wars cycling cap bills

As you can see, Mr. Joe took an awesome Star Wars print and put it under the bill of his cap. He LOVES Star Wars. Who doesn’t? I think I see a Star Wars cycling caps enterprise in Mr. Joe’s future. I know when I was making caps, I took many orders from customers wanting specific fabric prints. Those were always the most fun caps to make. When I quit making caps a lot of people were disappointed, so I left behind my sewing pattern in the hopes they could find ways to fill the void. You don’t need me! You just need a needle, thread, and some imagination!

Another cool thing Mr. Joe did was add an embellishment — a band across the front with decorative buttons — to a wool cap for his lovely wife. Isn’t she lucky?

Mr. Joe clearly has sewing talent and an eager sense of creativity. He also lives in Burlington, Vermont (my stomping grounds in mid-2002 through late 2003) and takes tons of cool pictures of the area when he’s not making caps.

It’s really cool to see people making what they want to see. What kind of cap would you want to make?