Eagle Rock PCT California

Walk to ADZPCTKO (Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off)

I skipped the ADZPCTKO PCT Kick Off party the year of my hike. I watched dozens and dozens of hikers get carted south from Warner Springs, but I chose to keep walking north.

But I certainly would not miss the opportunity to reunite with my fellow 2013 hikers at the 2014 Kick Off. I’ve heard from so many people that going the year after you hike is the most fun, because it’s like a big reunion, and you’ll know more people. I got in touch with a bunch of my 2013 PCT friends and found out that some of them would also be able to hike to Kick Off, and so it began – a reunion hike to Kick Off! This was a blast. My photos show what it’s like to southbound that section, and a little bit of trail culture, including hiker trash stuff, hitch hiking insanity, and some fresh 2014 hikers.

Warner Springs to Lake Morena

April 19-25, 90 miles of nostalgia…

First things first, we had to stop at Eagle Rock for a while. Just a few miles into our trip, and we already were lollygagging, but it felt so good. So chill. And I’d never seen Eagle Rock before! It’s quite cool. In 2013, I walked right by it because I was under the impression that it was a ways off trail and I couldn’t tell from descriptions what exactly it was or if it was worth the detour. It’s worth the detour.