tropical wool cycling cap

This Cap Was Perfect

I got this great letter from a customer of mine who loved his Little Package cap. I got many letters like this over the years, and wanted to share this one to share the love! I love getting letters like this. Getting them now that I’m done making caps is a little sad, but that’s OK. It’s nice to be reminded I made lots of great little things.

Hi Caroline,

I’m sad to hear that you’re not currently making caps. I bought a cap from you a couple of years ago and I recently lost it. I know you’re not open for new orders, I just wanted to share its story a little.

This cap was perfect. It accompanied me on countless journeys, and kept my head warm through rain, sleet and snow.

It kept my hair out of my eyes and a pencil firmly tucked in my ear as I started my hobby of woodworking.

This past summer this cap even saw me safely across the entire country! The tour took two summers to finish, because my first attempt I made alone, and that was super boring. This summer I completed it with my good friend Grace. In all the journey was over 4800 miles and took about 14 weeks. Here’s the route I took:

About to cross Missouri floodwaters:

And here’s myself and Grace, somewhere in Wyoming:

In all, not a bad life for a little cap! I miss it, and I hope it found a good new home.


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