Tell it on the Mountain Giveaway

It’s now been 6 weeks since I walked off the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Canada. A lot has changed. Although I plan to adventure again very soon, my life has settled back into a reasonably-normal holding pattern. I’m eating wholesome foods, showering regularly, and sleeping on mattresses that hold air! I’m not walking much. The thick callouses on my heels are nearly gone. All that seems to remain are lots of great memories, some new ideals, and a longing to get back out into the woods.

I’m happy to have some people in my life who have made an effort to understand such a long and complex journey. Many people just barely manage to fathom what a 2660-mile hike entails, but some really try to put themselves in a hiker’s shoes. Along the trail I was surrounded by those people: other hikers. But off the trail, they’ve mostly dispersed and I’m left with only a few people to talk to who “get it.”

PCT map - Tell it on the Mountain

My mother is one such person. She took it upon herself to self-educate about the PCT, poring over my emails and photographs, and following many other hikers’ online diaries. While hiking this summer, I sent her the link to a PCT documentary I had won a copy of called “Tell it on the Mountain.” She loved it so much she watched it again with me once I’d returned home. She says that after watching it, she not only had a much better understanding of what PCT hikers confront, but was inspired to learn all about the trail.

It’s a life altering experience that a few sentences on this website or a few clips in a film can never fully express.~ Shaun Carrigan, producer of Tell it on the Mountain

Tell it on the Mountain is a fun movie that captures the spirit of the trail so well. Great news is, Shaun Carrigan has graciously supplied me with a couple copies (one hard copy, one instant download) of Tell it on the Mountain to give away here on my blog. I will draw two lucky winners randomly from complete comments at noon on December 2, 2013. So, make sure you provide a correct email in your comment, and do comment!

To enter to win a copy, comment below with how you first learned about the PCT. What did you hear? Were you inspired to hike it?
This contest is closed and winners have been notified. As soon as they respond, their identities will be revealed. Thanks so much for all your amazing comments!
The winners have responded and awarded their copies of Tell it on the Mountain! Fenu won a hard copy, and Bill Willett won a digital download. See their comments below. Congratulations, guys!