The Wall of Snow

We started hearing horror stories about the snow on the trail while in Stehekin 9/28-9/29, but by the time we got to Mazama and Winthrop 9/30, the stories had whipped into a terrible tale of impassable “walls of snow,” irreconcilable avalanche and hypothermia dangers, etc. etc. There’s a great blog post that talks about the chaos on the PCT during this time and about the ill-fated group that headed north one day ahead of us (October 2).

I decided to ignore the stories and see for myself. By then I’d learned that fear-mongering was really shit-thick on the trail, and that it did me no good.

I formed a team of four for safety (including a South African who had never seen snow before), and waited for the weather reports to look just so, and went for it…

Our preparations

An extra day or two of food, an extra fleece layer, crampons, and snowshoes. There, ready!