Hiker Town

Bye bye Hiker Town. You were windier than Cabezon, and I didn’t think that was possible.

The hosts and owner actually let me stay in the owner’s trailer, separate from everyone else, I was so sick. It was so windy that night I swore the roof was going to get sucked off the trailer and I’d be caught in a tornado of the owner’s strange costumes and film memorabilia. The next morning I crawled to a public space and lay helplessly on the floor. Somehow I still hiked out, and made it to Tehachapi, where I stayed in a hotel several nights. I also stayed in a hotel a couple nights in Lake Isabella. By the time I hit the Sierra, I was feeling better. That is, until Guino did his best to poison me. I then hit the wall again and stayed another couple nights in a hotel in Bishop, with Busted. All told I had 30 zeroes on the PCT… and not because I was having the most fun.