screenshot of cycling cap sewing pattern

Digital Cycling Cap Patterns Now Available!

People have been requesting this product for years, and I’ve finally made it!

My two cycling cap sewing patterns — with the best instructions, templates, and style/fit available — are now downloadable as PDFs. You can buy, print, and be cutting and sewing within minutes from now! Check them out:

4-panel cycling cap digital PDF sewing pattern 3-panel cycling cap digital PDF sewing pattern

These patterns include the same templates and guidelines that I follow when sewing caps in my studio. They even include instructions on how to add a cozy earflap for cold-weather riding. I worked for several years ironing out hiccups and honing the style so that these would look and fit great on everyone. The patterns print out on letter sized (or A4) paper. Just make sure to print at 100% – no shrinking to fit.

Please note my patterns and designs are protected by copyright and intended for personal use only. It is not legal to use the pattern to produce items intended to be sold commercially including flea markets, boutiques, and home based industries or internet websites. Nor is it legal to reproduce my patterns either by tracing or by photocopying for distribution. If you do hope to sell cycling caps, please feel free to use my pattern to research cycling cap design and learn one way in which they can be made. Trust me, not all cycling caps are the same.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for supporting my small business. I hope you enjoy my patterns.