Today I made a custom mitten pattern — everything I want, and nothing I don’t. It had to be dexterous for a mitten, and without stress points or bunching in the fist. I need to be able to hold handlebars or hiking poles comfortably. If you know mittens, you know this is a tall order. I took ideas from some gloves of mine as well as from these old seal skin mittens. I came up with a pattern that has one seam line, and a hem. Seriously.

Once you’ve seamed the strange pattern piece together with one 24.5″ seam, you hem the glove and you are done. Unless you want to put a grommet and draw cord in the hems like I did. There’s no wrist draw cord like the Haglöfs mitts, but since there is no seam at the inferior (ulnar) aspect of the gloves, it’d be tricky to put in a cinching loop at the wrist line. It could have been done from the radial side seam simply with more shock cord and a button (a loop of shock cord to go around the wrist, with a two-holed button threaded on one end of the shock cord (not both). Or… It can be done at any point on the fly with a rubber band! I prefer that option – it’s cheap and removable. The MLD Rain mitts seem to be popular, and they don’t have wrist cinchers.

Anyway, I ended up with very nice, Gore-Tex® waterproof breathable mittens in the “Shark” color. Together they weigh 44 grams (1.55 oz). Check ’em out!