The Little Biz That Will

It's been a while... First off -- Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the fresh feeling of 2013 as much as I have been. So much has been going on. Here are my thoughts lately:

As you may know, Little Package is a one-woman show. There have been times when I've had help in the studio with small tasks like cutting string, punching holes, and sawing wood, and I've had big help with my accounting (thanks, Mom!), but I do everything else. Sourcing, sewing, shipping, correspondence, web stuff, etc. etc., the list goes on. It can get overwhelming, and certainly creates blind spots when I get too busy with any one aspect.

Sometimes my brain just shuts down. For instance, for the past few months I just couldn't do email. I admit it. I had so much email in my inbox something in my brain just shut off and I could not write replies. I took a wait list. When I finally got back to most of the people on it, they didn't write me back. Maybe it's universal. I'd certainly understand. But I know email correspondence is crucial to my business, and so I forge through the best I can. And as always, the most persistent correspondents get rewarded.

I'm getting to my point. This year I took on my own accounting, and taxes. Yikes. I've told my mother time and time again that I just don't have that part of my brain - the accounting part. Which is strange, because she is an accountant and I'm directly descended from her. (Granted, she doesn't see herself as "an accountant" at all.) I've never balanced a checkbook or paid much attention to my balances. I just have a general idea in my head of what is going on with the numbers.

Doing my own taxes was a huge education! Every bone in my body railed against it, but with the help of the amazing online business accounting software at and, I filled out my 2012 federal tax forms. And I figured out why I'm so darn worn out: my business grew again this year. Despite being unable to sew for two months because of a broken collarbone. No wonder I have been so tired!

The same thing happened last year. I fell into a foot-dragging fatigue after the busy holiday season. And yet I couldn't figure out why. See what I mean about blind spots?

The good news is that my brain is turning back on. I am feeling ready to attack the emails and the wait list. I have written to most the people on my wait list, but if you are on it and I haven't gotten to you, try two things. Check your spam inbox and put in your address book. Two, go ahead and write to me! As I said, attrition is rampant in email correspondence. People who write to me and write back are the ones with Little Package caps on their heads.

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