Thanks, Friends

Thank You Linocut

I carved this linocut to hand-make Thank You cards for the friends who helped me when I broke my collarbone August 13th. It was amazing–but unsurprising–how many great people stepped forward and what generous things they offered. I was given slings, food, pain pills, rides, good company, liniments, massages, household help, help bathing and dressing, a tapping session, and even an XRAY. It gave me faith in humankind and the ability to tolerate and afford being broken.

Did you know that the wishbone (technically, the “furcula”) is a bird’s collarbone? Theirs is flexi and helps them flap their wings and you can make wishes on them, but you get the idea. I wish all these friends good luck. May they NEVER, EVER break their collarbones.