My Collarbone 8/18/2012

Regression Success!

My Collarbone 8/18/2012

It’s been a week since some mean gravity stole me from the air and threw me down on Lumberyard wood, breaking my clavicle. Mean, mean gravity. That choice little moment cut in half everything that preceded it, and what followed, into two separate worlds. Here I am in bed strapped together with braces and slings, in awful pain. This time last week I was just figuring out how to clear all the tables in the beginner flow sequence, looking a little more like this:

You can see exactly where I fell 11 seconds into this video (the first 15 seconds of the video shows what I’ve been working on). There is a little jump I was experimenting with, trying to get some extra speed. The third or fourth time on it, I just bailed straight off it, landing down on my shoulder at the bottom. I felt something break but wasn’t sure what. I was pretty stunned. I’ve never broken a big bone before and certainly never felt pain like that, even though I crash and hurt myself ALL THE TIME. For a little while I joked around optimistically. But it became clear I’d broken my collarbone, and I just have to climb in bed and sit pretty for a while… until I can ride again.

I’ve had to shut down Little Package custom cap orders for the meantime. But everything posted in my shop is still ready to ship! I am also considering tabling at the SE Sunday Parkways this weekend on the west end of the Ankeny part of the loop. I’m trying to not let this get me down.

I have a lot of friends already to thank BIG TIME: Elly, Lizbon, Brian, Leah, JJ, Mac, Tori, Dan, Barb, Nik, Gretchen, Boone, Bruce, Art, April and on and on…