My Guest Post on the Sewaholic Blog!

waterproof jacket zips
This week was I featured as a guest writer on someone else’s blog! It was pretty cool of Tasia of Sewaholic to invite me to write about my experience sewing a waterproof jacket. I was anxious to share more details and photographs about DIY waterproof outerwear because when I went hunting on the web I found only breadcrumbs of information. But what made it even better is that rather than sharing it here (a virtual Internet dead zone, ha), I got to share it with lots of interested readers on one of my very favorite sewing blogs.

I love Tasia’s enthusiastic and inquisitive writing style — it is so friendly and engaging. Not only that but she sure can sew and draft a pattern, and is percolating one of the most exciting independent pattern lines yet. Click over to read about how I made this jacket and look at the pretty pictures. Make sure to check out Tasia’s patterns, too!

Keep in mind, sewing tech fabric is a great skill to have if you are considering making any of your own outdoor gear, from jackets to tents to bags.