Me on the Circulus


Ugh. So hung over. Last night was a bit crazy. I finally got to ride the Circulus. Not just ride it, but race it. Yeah, I went straight from test-riding it (crash!) to organizing a spontaneous women’s race (thanks to Stevil and Murph), to winning said race (crash!). Racers were not allowed to drink, but since I wasn’t a racer until I set up the impromptu race (6 women volunteered, I think), there was by then a lot of beer in my system. So of course I ate shit.

And it was captured on video. That’s me handily catching up to my opponent and crashing as soon as the win bell is rung. Good fun.

More about all that here:

And this great video about the origin of the Circulus: (Long story short, Sam Starr turned a library at Pomona College into a velodrome.)