Juki HZL F-Series Sewing Machine User Manual

Juki HZL F-Series F600

This is a machine I own and use daily. I believe what the local dealer says about this machine needing several hours on it when new to “break it in,” as I had tension issues for the first week or two. Since then it’s been dreamy. I do have a problem though, and maybe someone else will chime in with a similar issue (though I’ll probably have it professionally fixed by then). When rolling along I get a loud buzzing sound issuing from the bobbin shuttle, which vibrates intensely at anything above a medium speed (when machine is set at full speed). I may have damaged the shuttle because one day a needle came loose (it wasn’t screwed in hard enough any more) and fell down into the works while the machine was running. It wasn’t as catastrophic as it sounds, especially because visible damage is so minimal, but it must have something to do with it. The buzzing is driving me bonkers, so this will be addressed ASAP! 🙂

One other thing I miss is the F600 does not have mirror stitching. My old Husky Viking Platinum 770 had touch-button mirror stitches and it was soooooo handy. Granted, the 770 didn’t have a knee-lift, so fair trade.

UPDATE Aug 2011: The buzzing sound can be best eliminated by cleaning the black plastic bobbin shuttle and putting a tiny bit of oil along the lip which faces the metal bobbin shuttle housing. This is part of the maintenance a technician will do when you bring your machine in for regular service. Only my machine started buzzing before the machine was a year old. I forgot to figure in the fact that I use my machine much, much more than the average person. I need to clean and lube it more frequently. Duh.

UPDATE Aug 2012: I sold this machine and bought a Janome 6300P and boy do I miss my Juki. I sold it for no other reason than to buy a new machine for a tax write-off. Like I said, I definitely prefer the Juki F600 over the 6300P. Though, the 6300P does have more reliably tensioned stitches… but I started getting into sewing lingerie and it doesn’t even have a three-step zig-zag stitch. What?!

The F Series Manual in PDF format

If there is interest, I will upload more files.

Page 1 – Safety Instructions
Page 2 – More Safety Instructions
Page 3 – Table of Contents
Page 4 – Table of Contents
Page 5 – Principal Parts
Page 6 – Accessories
Page 7 – Function of operational buttons
Page 8 – Connecting to the power supply
Page 9 – Name and function of other operational buttons
Page 10 – Name and function of other operational buttons (continued)
Page 11 – Speed Control
Page 12 – Presser foot lifting lever and installation of knee lifting lever
Page 13 – Changing the presser foot
Page 14 – The type and application of the presser foot


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