Track Lessons

Wednesdays this summer, Alpenrose hosts fairly informal $5 track cycling lessons. I recommend them!

Tonight was my first time on a fixed gear (track) bike for any substantial length of time. The fluidity of rolling your legs is lulling, and zen-like (“I am pedaling, I am pedaling, I am peda…”), and immediately nearly anybody could fall in love with riding up and down, around and around. I see why people go ga-ga over track.

I crashed my mountain bike on Sandy Blvd. on Saturday night, banging up my right side and destroying my suspension fork. It struck a little fear into my heart! So the first few minutes back on my bike after two weeks of light riding were tentative, but then next thing I knew I was screaming down Sandy going 29mph – on the way to Alpenrose. Just because it happens once doesn’t mean it will happen again. I hope.

Back to the track. Meg (an Alpenrose instructor) led a group of ladies (including one sexy “lady” called Andy) on several practice rides, gradually increasing speed and height, teaching ins and outs of track riding. We then sat and dried out like little raisins in the sun while fast people raced. Meg asked if we wanted to go back out and we said yes (of course). I got really nervous when it turned out she was taking us out to race, but then I won! Afterwards I said something to Tommy about how I’m going “balls out.” It just gives one a little advantage when competitors are timid. He reminded me to maintain some modesty, and I responded that being gonzo is not something to be proud or ashamed of, it just is. Although my mother isn’t very happy about it, I like fearlessness. It’s not like I’m into extreme sports or something – but I did want to go faster on the track the moment I clipped into my pedals. But I’ll have to go easy on it because I can see myself smeared all over the track one day soon. It’s pretty much a good thing I’m working for the next several Wednesdays. I’ll just have to stick to mountain biking… but not on Sandy!