Human Pincushion

(Something traumatic happened as a nurse watching another nurse work in Medford, and I wrote a poem about it.)

take a look at you
Os in your nose
thigh high tight hose
belly is swelly
O negativity
one hundred red CCs
drip hourly
old bladder overflows
but you can’t let go
pushing but helpless
toothless big mess
heifer big bess
mooing through hellishness
can’t show compunction
to use this unction
it’s a smart nurse’s solution
a rubber tuber
a one eyed noodle
some lube
and toodleoodle!
slather it
lather it
poke it farther in
this little fucker
will father it
spread those, easy
show nursey
your pursey
lungs rattling
you tattling?
we must meddle
in your rusty kettle
so she slips a finger
and seems to linger
and I wonder
cause she seems to fumble
maybe bumble
in your gringa vaginga
and fiddle under your hoodie
and muddle on your coochie
your labia~a caba~a
old mother hoochie
gots a little puddle
under ya
more than touch it
made it raw and red
did ya need Dilaudid
I’ll give it IV
push it slowly
ohhhhhhhhh utterly so whoa
she use your rudder
she push your throttle
she dawdle
you tremble
old feelings rumble
your cheeks pinking
consciousness sinking