A Recipe: Tiramisu

Carolina's Tiramisu

Caroline’s Tiramisu Recipe

First you gotta brew about 2 cups of super-strength espresso (or have a local cafe do it for you), then put in some rum to taste (super strong). Put that aside.
Buy two angel food cakes (or make ’em!) and cut them into 1/2″ strips; toast/broil until golden. Put that aside to cool and harden.
In one bowl, mix up a couple eggs (although sometimes I skip the eggs), 16oz Mascarpone cheeze, a touch of Grand Marnier liquor, some vanilla, some sugar until very smooth.

In another bowl, mix up some whipping cream with some brandy (careful not to denature the cream – go slow, add the brandy after the cream sets). Set aside.
Grate or chop some dark (72-90% cocoa) chocolate and set aside.

Take a large 13×9″ casserole or baking dish and start layering the ingredients as follows: a layer of cookie, drizzled with coffee-rum, then a layer of Mascarpone slathered on that, some dabs of whip cream and chocolate, then repeat, like lasagne. Finish with a thick layer of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Refridgerate. It’s sinfully good!