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RIP PJ Forest

Except for a 5-day walk from here to Westgard pass (about 60 miles along the White Mountains crest, with 17,500′ up/down elevation gain/loss), I’ve been working as much as I can bear to with the trees I mentioned in my last post. After digging up aphid eggs for about a month, I returned just in… continue reading

PNS sounds a lot like a “Pain in the Ass”

I recently wrote about “What It’s Like to Live In a Dying Forest.” So — update from the forest! I’m still battling the tiny green beasties! They’re still unhatched but not for much longer. Soon they’ll turn into their crusty brown pinyon needle sap-sucking selves. Until then there’s a window to prolong some trees lives… continue reading

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

When I was a kid, I got to go visit my Auntie Pauline back east a few times during the summers. I enjoyed the weird bugs, warm thunderstorms, and swimming opportunities we just didn’t seem to have in Alaska… and the fabrics. My aunt is a spectacularly talented seamstress and fabric craftswoman, and has a… continue reading

We Care a LOT

Now social-media free for over 8 months, you’d think I’d be totally in the dark by now but that’s not true. It’s not exactly true I’ve been social media-free, because I run social media for my friend’s business (“run” is an exaggeration of how I log in about once every couple weeks to make sure… continue reading

Flu and The Trail, part 2

This post is an update to my March 16 post, Flu and the Trail. It turns out you can thru-hike during a pandemic, but if you’re not still asking yourself “should I?” and considering your impacts on other people, I hope you’ll keep reading and hear me out. After volunteering several months of my life… continue reading

Face Mask Sewing Instructions

The following are instructions for the face mask sewing pattern available as a PDF download in the Little Package shop. I drafted this pattern off the Olsen mask design, honing it over a period of several months for easy fit, good looks, and comfort. What I like about it is it allows you to open your mouth without the mask slipping down off your nose. As a former nurse, it’s important to me that people including and around me and my loved ones have functional masks, and so I make them. And you can too!

The Curse is Lifted

In 2013 I started an annual tradition of sleeping on top of the tallest mountain. I don’t know why, but year after year I went up. Pressure built to go up again the next year, and so on. These extended 14er summits were not easy for the obvious reasons, but almost every time it ended… continue reading

A Juniper

Funny that the Bureau of Land Management feels like Piñon Juniper forests have taken over most the West, so they want to burn and poison plants and soil (and the living beings on them) over 223 million acres in the Great Basin over six western states to build fire breaks which are not scientifically proven… continue reading

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