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Little Package Cycling Cap Patterns

are here to replace the countless gorgeous hand made, heirloom-quality wool and cotton cycling caps Little Package made between 2005-2018. These detailed sewing patterns are now downloadable so you can make your own favorite cap!



If you’ve wanted to set aside the time to finally make yourself a cycling cap, why not book a class? Meet some new people, have help to get over any tricky bits, and check that project off your list? Ellie at Klum House, a professional seamstress and sewing instructor, is teaching a cap sewing class… continue reading

Handmade Bike Caps!

Mr. Joe brought it to my attention via Instagram that he has been busy making cycling caps from the sewing pattern I offer. He has added in a few touches that I thought were super worthy of sharing. As you can see, Mr. Joe took an awesome Star Wars print and put it under the… continue reading

How I Support My Adventurous Lifestyle

Recently I was floored by a comment from a Twitter follower: You are lucky you get to do all the crazy stuff. Some of us just have to work to pay the bills… It didn’t seem fair. I also have a job and bills to pay. Maybe I’m just better at making it look like… continue reading

This Cap Was Perfect

I got this great letter from a customer of mine who loved his Little Package cap. I got many letters like this over the years, and wanted to share this one to share the love! I love getting letters like this. Getting them now that I’m done making caps is a little sad, but that’s… continue reading

Digital Cycling Cap Patterns Now Available!

People have been requesting this product for years, and I’ve finally made it! My two cycling cap sewing patterns — with the best instructions, templates, and style/fit available — are now downloadable as PDFs. You can buy, print, and be cutting and sewing within minutes from now! Check them out: These patterns include the same… continue reading

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