Collarbone Update

Exactly 4 weeks ago I crashed a dirt jumper on a wooden ramp & broke my right collarbone. Looking back a month has gone by quickly, but trust me: individually, those 28 days each took an eternity to pass. I thought at week three my bone would be fused and by week four I would be sewing, but last week I had a setback. A massive spasm in the middle of the night re-broke my collarbone. No joke. It was a nightmare. But real. I thought I’d have to start over…

But this morning I woke and realized my bone had finally fused! Seems like broken bones learn from their mistakes. Now that it’s fused I can move around much more freely. I took two walks. I even swung my arm a little. I bought my own groceries!

Today in the sewing studio, Boone helped me cut backed-up orders and I did a little fabric pinning. I haven’t plugged my sewing machines back in yet, but that happens tomorrow. I won’t be able to iron, but I will definitely get going on seam work. People are going to start getting their custom order caps soon.

I’m very excited with the little use of my right arm that a unified collarbone allows me. The future looks better. Granted, there’s a lot of work to be done. I cannot lift my arm above shoulder level, cannot touch my own head with my right hand, and my deltoid springs into painful spasms if I sit and type for more than a few minutes. But I’m so excited for tomorrow and the next day and the prospect of giving real, live high fives and hugs to all the people who’ve helped get me through this past (somewhat hellish) month.

That includes my customers, new and old. I thank my lucky stars for you, that people like you have taste in cycling caps and the will to support honest small businesses like mine.

So that I can ride my bike and break my bones.

(Heh. I am going to try not to do that again, but I am very prone to fall off bikes. A lot. No really – a LOT.)

Thank you.