I Did What? Without Chapstick?

So the other evening I dragged myself out in 90+ degree weather and rode the Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series without chapstick. I swear if I had had chapstick I could have won the race, but I didn’t. Stupid, stupid stupid.

The race was fun, especially the muddy parts (which I detoured through in order to get as muddy as possible, of course). I am feeling the rutted parts and whoop-dee’s in my lower back, though. Having low back pain makes me feel vulnerable, like an articulated insect must feel when the ground shakes.

This evening found me in the most wildly hilarious of positions. Never in a million years would I have believed it if someone had told me that one day I’d find myself on my belly at the end of an occupied patient’s bed, arms over one side, legs over the other, re-learning the yoga pose many people call “Superman.” It’s amazing how combinations of random factors in one’s life can arrange bizarre situations; two factors in this scenario being that I suffer some low back pain and that the patient is a masseuse/physio-therapist. So, I “took advantage” of a sick person, I took advice. Is that so wrong? I remember somewhere in nursing school where they suggested we not do such things. I’ve done many such things.