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Sad World

Here this morning, I tried hitching a ride from a woman stopped to make a turn. She refused to give me a ride into Bandon because, she said, “I have my kid in the car.” So you’re going to stop to tell a woman standing in the cold in the middle of nowhere, why you’re… continue reading

New Tires

New tires and a proper alignment for my van: priceless. It really cruises now, steers easily, tracks, no rolling resistance, and moves loads safely. I got the Hankook RA08 light duty truck tires to replace the brand new passenger car tires that had gotten completely chewed in under 1000 miles due to a very bad… continue reading

This Cap Was Perfect

I got this great letter from a customer of mine who loved his Little Package cap. I got many letters like this over the years, and wanted to share this one to share the love! I love getting letters like this. Getting them now that I’m done making caps is a little sad, but that’s… continue reading


Roaring waves and sucking undertow near Pelican State Park, California.

Soto OD-1R Stove Giveaway

A month ago I gave away two copies of the excellent PCT documentary “Tell it on the Mountain.” That was fun; people had a lot of interesting things to say in the comments of that post. This month I am giving away one brand new camp stove from Soto — the OD-1R. This excellent little… continue reading

Thank you

Dear Eric Ryback, Thank you for my PCT medal. It means the world to me and I carry it everywhere. Puppy (class of 2013)


We all woke up to beautiful snow in Portland yesterday. This was my mother’s view at the boat.

Tell it on the Mountain Giveaway

It’s now been 6 weeks since I walked off the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Canada. A lot has changed. Although I plan to adventure again very soon, my life has settled back into a reasonably-normal holding pattern. I’m eating wholesome foods, showering regularly, and sleeping on mattresses that hold air! I’m not walking much…. continue reading

PCT Gear Review

I was really comfortable with my gear along the Pacific Crest Trail, so I thought I would share it with you, and explain why it worked. Please note beforehand that I purchased all these items with my own money after carefully researching them, and was not given anything for review. The following are my opinions.m... continue reading

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