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Important Reading

I haven’t had much time to read, and often put down the books I start, but lately I’ve managed to read Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” Trevor Noah’s “Born A Crime,” and Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad.” It was more coincidental that I chose these three back-to-back, but I enjoyed them all very much. They have inspired… continue reading

Out-Social Distancing the Rest

The past few months have been… interesting. For everyone. For once we are not entirely alone; we are entirely together being alone, isolated, scared and confused. How scary. In February, against my better judgement, I drove the Westfalia out to North Fork, California, on the opposite side of the Sierra Nevada, to serve another 10-day… continue reading

My Gatekeeping, Continued

So as to not seem like I’ve got my head completely up my ass, I’m going to address a blog post shared with me by a climber friend of mine. She, blessed with nice melanin, mentioned it with a hard wink as if to say… “consider it carefully, Caroline.” I’m trying. In June 2018, the… continue reading

Hayduke Regrets

TLDR I have removed public access to my Hayduke maps because I’m done making it easier for people to enjoy exploitative hikes of that Trail. Get in touch with a personal note if you want access*.

Nature : Museum

Discussing my latest backpacking trip with my guy, I came up with an analogy which I like very much, and which seems original and enlightening. I compared modern wilderness visits with museum visits of the recent past (pre-2010). My first memories of museums were of the Anchorage Museum as a young teen, then the Louvre… continue reading

New West vs. Old West

I’ve been struggling with thoughts about conservationism, conservationism against the prevailing tide, and my tiny place in the thick of things, as well as a sore knee, since I got back from walking Utah in early June. Some reading, and going through my photos, is helping me finally collect my thoughts. I can’t remember where… continue reading

Trophy Wife

Anyone in some other country beside the USA wanna marry me real quick next year? Latergram taken by Firecracker May 2016 at the cold cold Grand Canyon north rim. Please read the puppysfeministrant tag to see what sexist bullshit happened to me in one day after hiking 700 miles solo backcountry over Utah and Arizona…. continue reading


The hashtag “hikeLAG” is “hike like a girl” and I don’t know wtf that means because I’m a woman, real deal woman stuff lady bitch woman. The past 24 hours I had to deal with super clingy men, getting hit on and offered gifts, offers to cuddle to keep ’em warm, and kissed even though… continue reading